COMPLETE: Week 4, Part (a)

Purpose: Each week you will choose a topic from a list below (see below). These topics will come from one of our weekly chapters and you will develop a discussion question based on that topic. In addition to creating a question, you will in turn, answer a fellow student’s discussion question in a separate discussion by Sunday. This activity creates a dialogue of the course material and fosters a sense of community in our course.
Skills: The purpose of this assignment is for you to reflect on the material through a virtual classroom discussion.
Components of assignment: You will have THREE components of this assignment. Both (a) and (b) are due every Wednesday, and the final part (c) is due every Sunday. These components MUST be completed to earn a whole 8 points and are as follows:
Here’s How To Get Started!STEP 1: Part (a), Pick ONE topic from the list below. (1 point) CH 9 TOPIC: Piaget’s Conservation Tasks – Choose 2 tasks to compare and contrast
CH 9 TOPIC: Compare and contrast Theory of Mind