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Reading:Required Readings
Hayle, S. (2017) ‘A tale of two Canadian cities: Comparing supervised consumption site (SCS) policy
making in Toronto and Vancouver’, Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, 25:5, 397-407

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This week’s reading has discussed SCS which is the facility where people can consume illegal drugs in a legal way, under medical supervision. There has been a lot of controversy about whether it is an effective method for society to secure public health and safety, by managing drug users in a place within a city. In the article, the author tried to apply the analytical framework by Lenton, which takes account of several socio-political conditions of the public policy such as its supporting effectiveness toward the economy, not being politically risky, etc. 

One of the most impressive subsections in this article for me was the way to analyze the data. Reading the article, the author has collected data from lots of text sources including municipal government documents both in Toronto and Vancouver (Since the article wanted to compare how it is considered differently between 2 cities), news articles and some other secondary publishments. By choosing some related keywords like ‘heroin,’ ‘HIV/AIDS,’ ‘overdose death,’ the author could filter out specific documents with the related ‘contents,’ which can be considered as somewhat ‘Thematic Analysis.’ Not only easy to follow the method but also very interesting because there is a way to find out the thematic patterns and analyze each lines of the texts for more accurate interpretation.