Component 5 is you priority which you find in below description Title:

Component 5 is you priority which you find in below description

Title: COVID-Care


The purpose of this system is to provide seniors and others at risk with care management for COVID-19 and Influenza.

System in Brief


Seniors and others at risk from COVID-19 will get an app that will help them to protect themselves from COVID-19 and Influenza. Users will be able to use the application to find and avoid COVID hot spots. They will be able to monitor their own symptoms and share that history with doctors. Users can have PPE delivered to them if they are in need or if their own becomes compromised. In case of medical emergency, users can opt in to have relevant medical records be shared with emergency personnel. If a user feels unsafe while performing their normal shopping or has contracted COVID or the flu,they can utilize the app to have food and prescriptions be delivered to their home.



Component:1 lab work and virtual visits


This component will connect all patients, doctors, laboratory teams at the same timeline to help control and reduce the time for each patient as much as possible.

The developer team should create it under the software specification.

Component 2: COVID Heat Map


This component will show an up to date map of reported covid cases.

The component will be created using JavaScript and html.

Component 3: Senior Caregiving


This component will allow seniors to request caregiving using a simple user interface. The interface will have predefined categories to help make it easy for seniors using the application to create the request.

This component should be created as part of a software engineering model.

Component 4 Emergency Services:


The Emergency Services component assists the user in emergency situations, whether that be compromised PPE, phoning emergency services, or making stored medical records available to emergency personnel.

It should be created with html and javascript for the user interface and supporting microservice within a cloud.

Component 5:- Transportation and basic necessities

This component will be responsible for guiding seniors to get transportation services as well as necessities whenever they are in need. The component will be linked to two transportation companies – Uber and Lyft, which will offer transportation services to seniors whenever they are in need. The component will also be linked to three ecommerce companies including Walmart, Amazon, and Walgreens Pharmacy. These companies will offer assistance to seniors who are in need of medicines, foodstuffs, clothing and many other products.

it is the last resort for all the services offered by the other components. As an example, those in need of lab work might need in person visits, which will be facilitated by Uber and Lyft. When focusing on the second component, heat maps will help in guiding the transportation of seniors, guiding them not to enter COVID-19 or influenza hot spots. The third component will be linked with the transportation module to help seniors visit physicians on official appointments. The transportation functionality will also be linked with emergency services to guide patients in getting emergency transportation services to healthcare facilities.


If an individual needs medicines or groceries he/she can order directly from home and facilitated by Uber or Lyft?


a senior choose the level of emergency to reach the nearest health care ASAP?

Assuming the facilitated Uber or Lyft vehicle broke down while going to the hospital,  how long does it take to get back up for Uber or Lyft?

If a person needs someone from his emergency contact to visit him will they be assisted to the hospital by uber or Lyft quickest way possible?