Computer the lower bound of the confidence interval.

She randomizes participants to either the treatment or control condition. The treatment group reads a short argument in favor of recycling then completes a questionnaire about attitudes toward recycling (on a scale of 1-7, with higher values indicating more positive attitudes). The the control group doesn’t read anything but responds to the same questionnaire.
CI lower=(s x̅ 1- x̅ 2)(-t crit) ( x̅ 1- x̅ 2)
Consider the research design described above. The results from the recylcing study are as follows:
Treatment group mean: 4.70
Control group mean: 3.10
Sample size: 50
Standard error of the differences between the means: 0.60
Computer the lower bound of the confidence interval.
Make sure to use .05 for the two-tailed probability and use the “two-tailed T value” in your calculation. Or you can use a standard table of critical t-values. And make sure to use the treatment group mean as “Mean 1” in the formula.