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In some color schemes, a color can be described by the intensity of blue, green, and red hues. The hues have a range of 0-255 and are commonly abbreviated R/G/B for red, green, and blue.
Program Requirements
First, carefully review the Coding Conventions and Requirements document in Canvas/Housekeeping. You will need to follow these conventions exactly.
Write a struct named “Color” that will store r/g/b values for a color.
Generate a random number between 5-50, and this number will be the number of colors that we push into the vector. Run a loop that iterates that many times to create a temporary struct, and then push it into the vector. Remember, to create a struct, you’ll have to define r/g/b values for that color; use random values 0-255 for this. Also remember, once you’ve generated random color values for r/g/b, you can initialize a struct this way: Color tempColor = {r, g, b};
Sample Output
At the end of your program, output a formatted table with the Color# and values for R/G/B as shown below. Note that the column values are right-justified, so ensure you use cout manipulators to achieve this right justification.
Color# R value G value B value —— ——- ——- ——- 1 221 239 74 2 48 138 136 3 222 152 35 4 138 176 222 5 100 208 253 6 214 32 247 7 195 23 223