Cons of self improving artificial intelligence

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE DOING ANY RESEARCH. THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND YOU MUST SPECIFY THIS TYPE OR YOU WILL FIND RESOURCES THAT DO NOT APPLY TO THE will write your debate from the CON perspective: CON- AI is, potentially, a very dangerous and destructive pursuit for our society.Background:On the CON side, there two common scenarios that most of us are familiar with:The Terminator scenario- AI perceives humans as a threat and launches countermeasures. The Terminator scenario might take place secretively at first, with AI only launching an open offensive when it has grown powerful enough for a take-over that would be just about risk free. It then, however, evolves and is no longer risk free.The Divergence scenario- The goals of AI separate from, and compete with, the human goals it was designed to strive toward. Once this happens, AI rapidly evolves and simply pursues goals that it determines on its own. In doing so, it uses up essential resources for humans. While it may not view humans as an enemy, it now has no regard for humans.