Consultation Case Study Presentation

The powerpoint presentation will present a case study focused on the overall consultation process. This is in regards to the mental health consultation “Client-Centered Case Consultation”Research must come from research articles related to Client-Centered case Consultation. Identify a consultation vignette/case study to utilize in regards to Client Centered case consultation to include in the presentation.Presentation must include the four phases of the consultation process and the presentation should be 15 minutes in length. It is ok to include a lot of words on the slides. I. Phase 1: Entry

A. Describe environment

B. Establishment of contract

C. Establish rapport – identify consultant and consult behaviors

D. Identify goalsII. Phase 2: Diagnosis of ProblemIII. Phase 3: Interventions

A. Describe development of consultation process

B. Thematic concerns

C. Group or individual activities/interventionsIV. Phase 4: Closure

A. Interpretation of data

B. Final report

C. Recommendations for futureV. Reference page in APA format