Content Plan

The purpose of this worksheet is to serve as the first step in creating your Policy Brief. You will work on gathering the content, research, and information needed to develop a sound rationale for policy advocacy. Then, your only hurdle will be to organize and present the information in a pleasing way to promote policy change among your stakeholders. Remember, the content you provide in this plan should be final and what you would put in your policy brief. Your language should not be considered a “rough draft”. My hope is that you can use most, if not all, of this content in your final policy brief. You will just need to make adjustments based on my feedback.
Topic is Gun Control. I need to do the CONTENT policy worksheet. However, I also attached the policy choice plan.
Download Policy Content Worksheet. Please be sure to use this worksheet and do not create your own document.
Completely answer the questions in each section of the worksheet (each question is worth varying points and the point values are listed within the worksheet).
Use correct grammar, spelling, etc.