COR 105 – Study Skills Quiz 4 – Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning

COR 105 – Study Skills

Quiz 4 – Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Judgement

This is an open book quiz. Answer the following questions. Please answer in your own words, explain in detail with complete sentences, and upload it in Canvas. Do not copy and paste from the eBook. Use APA citation/reference page guidelines as needed. Each question is 16.67 possible points.

Question 1

Imagine that you must tell someone that his mother has been admitted to the intensive care unit after a car accident. Using the steps for giving bad news related to health status in page number 175 of the book (Table 7.1), develop a plan for how you will do this.

Question 2

Think of a time that you had to complete a complex task with someone. How did it go? What were the dynamics? Would you say that the experience was one of an empowered partnership? What went well, and what would you do differently if you did it again?

Question 3

Think about a time when someone gave you negative feedback. What happened, and how did you feel? What made things better or worse? What did you learn in the long run?

Question 4

Describe/discuss (with detail) three strategies that help you manage your time in the clinical setting.

Question 5

Address the implications of the following statement:

As a nurse it is your responsibility to be alert not only to situations that might cause you to make mistakes but also to situations that may cause others to make mistakes.

Question 6

Recall a time when you had a difficult professional conflict. Explain the situation and address what you could have done to handle the situation better. What style(s) may have achieved a better outcome?