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All of the sources you use for the final annotated bibliography must have been published within the past ten years. In other words, you are looking at a modern day equivalent to what happened in the past. To do this you will be looking to more contemporary sources of information that go beyond traditional books and articles. To fulfill this final assignment you will need to consult specific news sources from the liberal and conservative point of view and the following databases:•    One interview with an individual involved with your topic conducted by a news organization. This can be an audio interview on Opposing Viewpoints or a written interview found on any of the other databases. •    One article from a biased source from the Left: Mother JonesThe NationThe New RepublicDissentHarper’s MagazineThe New YorkerThe American ProspectThe Progressive•    One article from a biased source from the Right:American ConservativeThe National InterestCommentaryThe Cato JournalThe American SpectatorNational ReviewReasonThe Weekly StandardAs with the midterm annotated bibliography, you will receive five possible points for each of your six annotations. Your annotated bibliography must include the following:source 1: 2: 3: