Create a Project Plan: I suggest something simple such as planning a

Create a Project Plan:  I suggest something simple such as planning a trip (you choose the location), building a doghouse, planning a party, etc. Keep your WBS to approximately 15-20 items. Follow the template (you can use MS Word, Excel, MS Project) and submit the following in your project plan.

You should include in the paper:


Executive Summary: a one-page cover sheet

Scope of work (or Statement of work): Make it one sentence that simply states the time, cost and scope of the project.

Project Objectives: 5-10 bullet items explaining the value you expect to receive from the project.

Work breakdown structure:  15-20 activities required to complete your project in an outline format (MS Project)

Responsibilities matrix

Communications plan

Network diagram (forward pass, backward pass, identifying the critical path) (Microsoft Project)

Gantt chart

Milestone Chart

Resource requirements list

Baseline budget

Time phased budget

Optimize the schedule (Recommendations to reduce the schedule length and calculate impact on the budget (include examples of outsourcing with applicable example contracts)

Updated Human Resource Requirements (after making outsourcing recommendations above)

Procurement Plan (after making outsourcing recommendations above to include the type of contract you would use)

Risk Management Plan

Quality Management Plan (how will quality be managed after you optimize the schedule)  

Change Management Plan

Example status report

Closeout checklist