Create your own project and answer all of 4 question

You will need to provide me with a project management plan including Project Scope, Project Cost plan (plan, do check, act) and documents to support this, they must be formatted as forms and reports, just like if you were working as a project manager.
Create your own project and answer all of 4 question
Determine the resources you will need for a project of your choice. You will need to establish what is required to complete tasks, as well as the quantities of sources. Importantly, you must take budgets into account and priorities resources base on resource limitations.
Prepare a full budget and cost management plan for the project from the question one. Include all direct and indirect costs in the plan, and account for these in the budget.
Decide on appropriate key performance indicators and establish how they are going to be measured. How would you monitor all cost to make sure you are staying within budget?
How would you make adjustments if you felt progress is not being made, or expenditure is too high?
Describe how you would record all areas of expenditure according to your organisation’s protocols. Create a sample financial report that is laid out clearly and is easily understandable.