creating localizable(tracked) clothes for Alzheimer’s patient ( in tunisia)

I will import a supplier’s gps (preferably not too expensive) and my business can be summed up in two things:1/ integrate GPS into clothing (in a factory) and it must be impermeable. I will collaborate with some Tunisian clothing brand ( ex: Barbecha/sachbouchet…)2/ families of alzheimer’s patients can bring us their personal clothes and our job will be to integrate the gps in their clothes. the gps will connect to an application (creation of an application) to be able to locate the patient in case of fuge or walk alone. thanks to a survey, I must have at least 70 replies (people’s opinion) to know if my business is interesting and if people are ready to invest in the clothes that I will create. the business as I already mentioned will be in Tunisia so the majority of the information must be related to Tunisia. ( of course I must also talk about competitors and Alzheimer’s in general in the world).I’m going to give you my business proposal/ outline to find out how you should resize the report. and know what analysis to make ( ex: swot/ PESTEL….)PEASE FOLLOW THE OUTLINE THA I DROPPED FOR YOU