Creative Expression and Transformation Final Portfolio – Directions + Rubric Creative Expression

Creative Expression and Transformation Final Portfolio –

Directions + Rubric

Creative Expression and Transformation


Through this portfolio, you will assess your growth as a creative individual capable of using the expressive arts for personal and/or professional purposes. Consider your original intention for this course [attached] and all of your assignments including [attached]:
a) creative explorations,

b) reflection papers, and
c) the professional application project and the following questions:

How did each artifact contribute to your personal growth or your understanding of the creative process?

How did it contribute to self- discovery or transpersonal awareness?

How did it provide information about how to work creatively with others?

Did any exploration or reflection surprise you in any way?

Did participation in an exploration or paper enrich your understanding in ways that were unexpected?

Notice themes that emerge as you reflect on each of your artifacts. Discern which four or five work samples (artifacts) best illustrate these patterns of learning in the field of creativity. Gather them and begin to write a five-page reflection paper (double spaced) that you will use to introduce this portfolio. This paper must be centered around two themes related to your patterns of growth throughout this course. When you have finished writing, find a title that expresses the essence of your learning.

This portfolio must include:
(1) a title that expresses the essence of your learning,
(2) an explanation of what is included in this portfolio,
(3) a description of how the materials demonstrate your learning around the specific themes and why each artifact is included in this portfolio, and
(4) a discussion about how you would like to further your understanding of the use of the expressive arts in the future or make professional contributions through the expressive arts.


Use this form to self-assess your paper before you submit it to your mentor. Carefully discern if your portfolio can use further editing, revisions, sections rewritten, elements added or omitted, etc. Your mentor will use this rubric to assess this assignment, which also reflects integration of course material. Your mentor will assess this assignment based on your ability to reflect deeply on your themes and patterns of growth in this area. You are expected to recognize patterns of learning, and perhaps gaps in your learning, as you progress through this course.



Edit/Revise if:

Re-examine/Redo if:


Ability to articulate themes and patterns of growth in relation to:

The use creative expression for self-discovery and transformation;

Understanding of creative process;

Understanding of future personal or professional application of the creative process.

Focuses on the themes and patterns of inner growth, self-discovery or transformation emerged in response to creative exploration.

Centered around self-learning through creative process not the activity.

Considers how creative exploration might be integrated in personal and professional life.

Includes all required parts

Reflects growth but not in a thematic way.

Too broad; too many or too few themes.

Some reference to self-learning but also on experience.

Projects themes and patterns into the future but does not address personal or professional applications of creative exploration.

Addresses personal or professional application but does not consider patterns or themes of learning.

Is missing one component of the assignment

Focuses on discrete experiences rather than on growth, patterns of growth or themes.

Does not consider creative process in exploring themes or patterns.

Does not consider how these patterns of growth might inform the personal or professional application.

Does not address personal or professional applications.

Is lacking in more than one component of the assignment


The ability to integrate internal processes (e.g., thoughts and feelings) with experiences and readings.

Deeply thoughtful and filled with personal insights

Balances awareness of creative exploration with psycho-spiritual insight

Honors one’s own, unique perspective

Is thoughtful but could bring more of self into the paper.

Bridges experience with reflective voice, but can be strengthened (e.g., choice and integration of experience).

Demonstrates little thought about creative process or how explorations inform personal experience.

Does not bridge creative exploration with personal insight.

Appears that there is little attention to quality of paper.

Written Expression

The clear and accurate use of the English language in an engaging and flowing manner that serves the melding of personal voice with autobiographical style


Sentences and paragraphs are focused around a central point.


Statements are clear and coherent, well organized; one section/paragraph leads to the next.


Blends personal, autobiographical voice with spiritual insight.


Free of spelling errors; follows conventions of the English language.

Could use further editing for accuracy of meaning, clarity, grammar, or punctuation.

Is fairly focused but could be tightened more fully.

Organization could be clearer.

Personal, autobiographical writing is present, but are not well melded with spiritual insight

Some spelling errors.

Sentences/paragraphs/sections are not focused around a spiritual journey

Message/central focus; lacks clarity.

Paper is not organized in a flowing manner

Has many spelling errors

Has numerous patterns of grammatical/punctuation errors

Transpersonal Qualities

Do you feel that your work demonstrates the following qualities:



Reflection shows thought and care in preparation, regardless of its form

Portfolio is presented with attention to beauty. It is inviting to read


What strengths do you feel you bring into this paper that are not mentioned above?

List strengths here: