Credible market research paper

) in Northridge (keep this in mind as you make your decisions). You realize that you need to first identify the kinds of market segments that exist for home appliances before making final decisions about the kinds of products you will sell and/or rent.NOTE: All content should be kept to domestic (U.S. only) marketing activities – not international!First, conduct research on the kinds of market segments that exist for appliances in the U.S. Next, review the possible segmenting dimensions (listed in Exhibits 4-8 and 4-9) in the text (e.g. if you selected “income” then select two income segments). Based on your research, select one segmenting dimension from the text to use for the home appliances market (e.g. income level). Write between a ½ page-to-full page explaining WHY you decided to use that segmenting dimension.NOTE: Credible market research sources are those published AFTER 01-01-19.Next select TWO segments (no more, no less) for the home appliances market using this segmenting dimension and write a ½ page-to-full page description for each segment about as much of the following as possible:Who they are (demographics, geographics, psychographics, etc.)Why/how they use home appliances.How they decide which home appliances to purchase.How much they are willing to pay for home appliances.Discuss the kinds of products you would carry for them (not necessarily the particular brands) and whether or not these will be sold or rented – and WHY!NOTE: Clearly label each section as follows: “Segmenting Dimension Selected”, “Segment #1”, and “Segment #2”Assignment expectations (PLEASE review the rubric contained in the “Written Paper Guidelines” document): If you use content directly from the text or from the assignment itself, you needed to make sure you used quotation marks and in-text citations as these are not your words. By doing this, you will reduce the % plagiarism score by Turnitin. Please be aware, however, that using content from other sources is fine, but if it is more than 10% of the content submitted, then not enough of the assignment is your work. In other words, anyone can copy content from an assignment and from an outside source to write a paper. This does not “prove” student comprehension or an ability to critically think. Writing assignments are not a gauge of a person’s ability to use other sources’ content. You are expected to understand the content from the book and APPLY it to the topic of the assignment using your own words – not the words/phrases provided by the text and/or the assignment itself.  If someone simply “mashes up” content from their sources and the text book for their response, they will NOT get credit. I am assessing one’s ability to understand and apply relevant information from the text to the assignment’s scenario and write about it in their own words. Students are allowed to use up to 10% of quotations from their sources – but these MUST have quotation marks and citations.