crime through the ages

You will compare and contrast these two theories and their explanations of offending decision-makingand deterrence effectiveness (through threat of punishment).Your essay must rely on a minimum of fifteen (15) peer reviewed journal articles.To do this, you will:• Address the concepts of deterrence and rationalityo Introduce the assumptions of deterrence. Explain the logic (and/or downfalls) of deterring crimethrough punishment.• Introduce and explain both theories and their disciplinary perspectives.o Discuss how Rational Choice Theory and General Strain Theory can be applied to this question toexplain downfalls (or successes) of deterrence efforts (threat of punishment).o Actively compare and contrast the two theories and their explanations/arguments as to whypunishments are effective/ineffective in deterring crime.o Lastly, you are to provide an argument as to which theory provides a better understanding of thisessay question and why (you may also argue in favour of both theories, but you MUST provide anargument as to WHY).The problem of deterrence. Why does illicit drug use persist, regardless of criminal sanctions?Crime Through the Ages Page 9 of 19o ALL arguments must be supported by the literature/research (not your own opinion).• To successfully answer this question, you are required to use critical analysis (do not just provide a summaryof what the literature says). You must provide an argumentative essay, supporting your argument with asynthesis of credible and relevant literature.• Further information will be provided in your Workshops. An assignment information document will be providedon LMS.