Critical Content Analysis of a Tourism Development Plan

Page and word limits on this assignment are three pages double-spaced and 1000 words (maximum).
Your content analysis may be classified under the following sub-sections:
Weakness of the plan: You should identify the weaknesses of the plan. If you were a member of the planning team, how would you have overcome those weaknesses that you have identified? The identified weaknesses should be explained under sub-titles (10 %)
Strengths of the plan: It is important to determine and explain the strengths of the plan with logical reasoning. The strengths should be explained under sub-titles (4 %).
Method of the plan: Different teams employ different methodologies for planning. Method of planning may include planning approaches, data collection instruments, data analysis techniques, etc. (4 %).
Conclusion and Recommendations: You should explain your main conclusion and summarize your overall recommendations for the improvement of the plan (4 %).