Critical Thinking Essay


Recall Clifford’s evidentialist argument from Module 2 and contrast Clifford’s position with one of the nonevidentialist positions encountered in either Module 5 or Module 6. Decide which position, evidentialism or nonevidentialism, more closely aligns with your own point of view and argue for that position. You must have access to the textbook which is Encountering The Real: Faith and Philosophical Enquiry by Pojman/Rea, Solomom,Kierkegaard. Please read the assignment correctly. Must be 12 font doubled spaced and 1200 to 1500 words

Introduction paragraphGive a brief explanation of the conflict between evidentialism and non-evidentialism.
State clearly your thesis about which is true- evidentialism or non-evidentialism. (This is best done with a sentence similar to: “I will argue that ______ is true.”)

Explanation paragraph one:Explain one of the theories (you can choose which you would like to discuss first).
Do not discuss the alternate theory in this paragraph.
Explain why someone would think that theory is true.

Explanation paragraph two:Explain the second theory
Explain why someone would think it is true
Explain the major distinction between this theory and the previous one

Reason paragraph one:State the first reason for your thesis
Explain what the reason means
Explain why someone should believe the reason is true

Reason paragraph two:State the second reason for your thesis
Explain what the reason means
Explain why someone should believe the reason is true

Objection paragraph:State a reason why someone would think that one of your reasons is not true or does not support your thesis statement (remember the recorded lecture I posted about evaluating arguments and what an objection is)
Explain how the objection hurts your reason
Explain why someone would think that this is true
Do not discuss a response to the objection in this paragraph- you should ONLY be discussing the objection

Response paragraph:State the reason someone might think the objection fail (This should NOT be a simple restatement of the reason)
Explain why the reason disproves the objection
Explain why someone should this is true.

Conclusion:Recap the progression of the paper
Do not offer any new ideas or thoughts

ReferencesMake sure your references are formatted in the MLA style
You can find assistance on that here:
I would discourage you from using resources other than those provided in the course. Typically, outside references, such as those found on the internet, confuse students more than help them.