Critical Thinking Skills – FedEx Office Exercise

Your personal stance on an area of social concern. You are directed to focus on only one area but you are given two different options to discuss. Choose one of the two options:• Corporate and civil responsibilities for proper waste disposal practicesOR• Any other socially relevant issue that is an area of personal interest (e.g., poverty, hunger/homeliness, animal rights, immigration, civil rights, bullying, available education, climate change, etc.).Your stance must include a clear and balanced understanding of the varying perspectives on the specific issue.2. Your willingness to act in a balanced manner (with due consideration) in situations where proper waste disposal practices or other systemic injustices (related to the chosen social issue in question #1) are being ignored.You must include your basis for the evaluation of the actions of others who are different –culturally, ethnically, racially, economically, or regionally – and your handling of the injustice will again be balanced.3. Your overall world-view for the future as it relates to your specific area of social concern as well as any other areas that are important to you (how you hope the world community will evolve on several dimensions).4. Finally, Waste Management then asks you to explain:• Your involvement or lack thereof in socially responsible activities and causes–going back as far as your freshman year in college. In your answer you are to provide specific examples of involvement or, if you have not been involved, how you hope to be involved in the future after graduation.• How you have changed your personal perspective for the better since you entered college. You are asked to provide at least one strong example to document your change in perspective.

200 words of each questions.
please check attachment for instructions.