critically appraise 4 different aspects of key areas of physical examination

Critically appraise the theory that underpins one element of a chosen examination system. Focus on ONE specific chosen element as noted below. Critique the literature and be clear on how this influences practice/ adds value to diagnostic reasoning. Each account will be 500 words. I will complete a clinical scenario for each. Each 500 word account will explain the purpose of performing and then explore/ critically appraise the literature. 1. Critically appraise the use of bowel sounds as part of performing abdominal examination (based on a patient with bowel instruction) (note- I have started this account but it needs revisions/ amending to be more critical/ explore literature)2. Critically appraise the use of the WEBER test in the cranial nerve examination to assess conductive or sensory hearing loss (in a patient with new onset of hearing loss)3. Critically appraise the use of the anterior draw test to assess ACL injury 4 Critically appraise the evidence of the use of Pendleton et al 1984-2003 consultation model – Model of 7 tasksEACH ACCOUNT CAN BE UNDER SEPERATE SUB HEADINGS – I WILL COMPLETE EACH CASE STUDY DETAILS. EACH ONE NMUST ONLY BE 500 WORDS AND DETAILED CRITICAL APPRAISAL AND LINK TO IMPLICATIONS IN PRACTICE/ HOW THE LITERATURE FINDINGS IMPACT ON DIAGNOSTIC VALUE.REFERENCES MUST BE SEPERATE UNDER EACH ACCOUNT