Current issues analysis of smartphone retailer industry

Your team is assuming the role of a set of consulting experts who are charged with the task of providing professional advice on the quality of business opportunity in an industry. Since opportunities are not uniformly spread throughout an industry, part of your task is to advise on the best way to participate in the industry under study. Be sure to analyze and evaluate; don’t just report without adding value. Use data.
The required elements for your paper include the following:
overview description of the industry
PESTEL factors analysis
Five Forces analysis
segment or strategic groups analysis
current issues analysis
but i only need to write “current issues analysis” part, and make sure dont copy paste since we need do plagiarism detection before submit, thanks
I would like for the paper to give an overview of the overall Retail Sales Smart Phone Industry and then you can get into a more specific segment of the market and compare the two or three leaders (Verizon, AT