Currently, informatics is being utilized in various fields, one of which is

Currently, informatics is being utilized in various fields, one of which is healthcare. For example, informatics is utilized to improve personnel coordination and cost analysis. I learned that informatics is continuously growing and improving in today’s environment, driven primarily by technological change. A good illustration of this is the electronic health record (EHR) (Kinnunen et al., 2019). Informatics skills will help me improve the safety of patients. It will also advance my ability in patient management and in evaluating the quality of care provided to patients, maximizes the efficiency of nurses, and forecasts the need for additional staff. Essentially, informatics contributes to all aspects of patient care. This course focuses on the significance of informatics in our profession and illustrates how it contributes to other aspects of patient care. My expectations for this course did not include acquiring the same nursing skills. As nurses, the incorporation of nursing informatics into our day-to-day work increases, which paves the way to improve our clinical skills. I anticipate that as a nurse, I will gain a greater amount of experience with technology, thus bolstering my expertise.

Prior to beginning this course, taking the TANIC self-assessment helped me identify my informatics strengths and weaknesses. In addition to confirming my strengths, the self-evaluation provided me with a more in-depth understanding of the areas I wanted to improve throughout the course. As Gosa (2022) illustrates, the TANIC is a self-assessment tool for all nurses, but informatics nurse specialists will find it useful. TANIC offers expertise in three areas, including computer fundamentals, literacy in knowledge, and clinical record management. TANIC was a trustworthy, legitimate, and easily accessible online tool. The TANIC self-assessment did not influence my perception of my current computer skills. Instead, it made me realize how important computer nursing is to the future of nursing care and how far we can progress. The TANIC self-assessment has altered my view of the current informatics level because it demonstrates that nursing services provided to patients will become more dependable as technology advances. It is easier for a hospital to keep up with rapidly evolving technology with many computer-literate nurses.