D. Course title : How to create optimized checklists to streamline workflows


Course title : How to create optimized checklists to streamline workflows and scale your firm

Course field of study: Business Management and Organization

The date you attended: July 14, 2022

CPE hours earned: 1 credit

Name of presenter(s): Shahram Zarshenas 

Name listed after: CPE Provided by Scott Zarret

Summarize what you learned in the Webinar:

In this CPE webinar Shahram was talking about his company Financial Cents and how they use a cloud-based accounting to optimize a firms processes. They state that accountants and managers can help manage their time and hit their deadlines. They help manage workflow. 


Share your recommendation to “take” or “skip” this Webinar and explain why, and

 If you have a business I would recommend to take it if you’re in the market to make your workflow easier and meet deadlines easier