Demo mobile application project

20 pages paper on the demo mobile application that discribes the process and has pictures of the application.
2. a 15 minutes power point presentation that i can present the demo application to the professors.
I need a demo for a mobile application that can do the flowing requirements:
My project is going to be about developing a mobile application that helps college students.
The first feature is:
1.find housing near the university,
You will find adds from students that have rooms for rent.
Students that did not finish there lease and want to move but want someone else to finish there lease so they do not got fined for it (they can substitute there lease to another person).
For foreign students that are traveling abroad for the summer maybe they can get a temporary tenant to occupy the house or apartment until they come back.
The second feature is: sell,
They can make posts for occurring to buy (cars, appliances, furniture).
They can make posts to sell (cars, appliances, furniture, technology).
3. Socialize:
The user can have a profile add personal pictures that is going to be separate from your buy/sell page, and you can chat with people that are online.
The user can send emails to another user if he is not online or you can send it as a text if the user allows it.

the paper requirements and format is:
Requirements for deliverables are as follows:Project Proposal: All projects must be initially documented in a project proposal. Thedocument should be concise (3 or more pages) and include the following:
ObjectiveClientProject Plan (including schedule)Literature CoverageLikely OutcomeKnowledge being appliedRisk factorsWork to be performed by others (if any)
The objective is limited to one paragraph that succinctly describes the scope of the selected project.
The client should be identified in terms of organization name.
type of medical activities performed, number of employees and number of patients, and thename of the client project manager should be listed.The Project Plan should be as detailed as possible, and include estimates for the levelof effort required in each task.
The goal is to make sure that all the tasks are definedand that an assessment of level of effort is complete.
If tasks are to be done by others,or require involvement by others, this should be identified in the project plan.
The Literature Coverage section is limited to a one to two paragraph description of thescope of the literature search (what sources you will use and why).
The final sections ofthe proposal describe which courses in the IT program will provide the basis of yourproject and any risk factors that might affect your successful completion of the project.The professor will appoint one student to be the peer-reviewer of your draft and willreview the draft as your project supervisor. Your final copy should include responses tocomments from the student and the professor.Literature Review: All projects must include a search and review of relevant literaturepresented in a 2 page report.
This should provide background for the project and/orprovide the basis for the methodologies being used in the project. For example, if youare developing a Web site for a client, you might focus on the software tools you useand when they might be used or a topic such as usability, if that is your focus. YourLiterature Review should include the sources, a brief description of the content, and theapplicability to your project. It is anticipated that you will review 10 – 15 scholarlyarticles, technical Web sites, or books.
Requirements Definition: Your requirements definition should be a formal description ofthe client requirements and include graphical representations such as use cases. Therequirements definition should be about 5 pages long and subject to a draft and review

cycle: the professor will review the document and recommend changes.
The final draftwill be reviewed by the client.Project Report: Your activities must be documented in a project report that should beno longer than 20 pages and more than 8 pages. In addition, evidence of the workperformed such as code listings, URLs, CDs, or documentation may be attached.
Theproject report should contain the following sections:
Objective of the Project (½ page)Actual timeline of the project (½ page)
Body – the methodology, results, analysis (majority of report)Bibliography (of sources used in the body)List of associated documents (provided with the report to document thework that you performed)Documentation of work done by othersThe project report is subject to a formal review process, with a draft being submitted tothe professor for review and feedback followed by a completed report to be submitted tothe client.
Project Presentation: A short presentation of the project (15 minutes), with some formof handout, should be presented to the faculty advisor, client, faculty and students.Project Retrospective: A short one- to two-page of analysis of how you did or did notmeet the timeline for the plan, what was harder/easier than expected, what “gaps” youfelt there were in your undergraduate program which may have impacted yourperformance on the project, and what you learned from the project.
Client Satisfaction Survey: A short-survey designed to obtain feedback from the clienton your project and on your performance. Once approved by the professor, the clientwill be asked to complete the survey and return it to the professor.