Departmental Culture and Diversity

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My name is Moses I’m very happy and excited this term because it brings me closer to graduating this may from SNHU. I’m from New York City but I reside in Connecticut I have a wife and one child, a little boy five years old name Levi. My family is everything to me, that’s why I’m pursing this career after I retire in 2024 from city job to continue to support them. After graduation I’m going for my master’s degree and I’m not taking any breaks. I see the goal line and I want to attain everything I worked hard for. I wish everyone the best this term.

After going through the case study provided, I choose to analyze St. Catherine Medical Center. This hospital is based on the catholic faith, and its mission is to provide top healthcare services to their patients with care and dignity. The department of the hospital aims to handle and provide information to patients with utmost respect and sensitivity (St. Catherine Medical Center, 2020). The hospital staff comes from different and diverse ethical, racial, and linguistic groups. Although most of the staff in the hospital are catholic, people from other religions work there, and the management of the hospital demands every employee to respect one another. Embracing and abiding by all legal hiring processes has enabled the hospital to incorporate employees from diverse cultures. The hospital also has employees with hearing impairment and is still trying to offer more opportunities to physically challenged people.

Regardless of the diversity in their workforce, the hospital has created a positive reputation of providing high-quality services. The services offered are not dependent on the ability of the patient to pay. The TJC visited the hospital; it did fairly well after the inspection. The HIM department was cited for not having a time stamp on orders on their EHR systems (Joint Commission, 2018). Generally, the diversity in the hospital affects the quality of services provided in the hospital. Diversity does not hinder the completion of work in the employees.

 There are some concerns in the hospital due to the diversity in age. Experienced workers do not abide by the hospital lunch break schedules and take more time than permitted. The hospital management finds it hard to confront them as they fear they may lose their best staff. This is unacceptable and should be addressed. The experienced staff also fail to use the new encoder system. This age diversity may create a breakdown in communication between the experienced and young staff due to the use of different encoder systems. Patient information is a problem in the hospital. The hospital staff members do not protect the patients’ information as to their vision and mission state since employees openly discuss patients’ cases, and forms containing patient information are not destroyed but discarded in the trash (Gateway Healthcare Systems Case Study, 2020). The hospital should improve on this to ensure the diversity in its workforce does not become its undoing.



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