Developing a positive learning

It is not only important to do this at the beginning of the year when students are acclimating to their new environment, but throughout the year as well.For this assignment, choose a grade from pre-K–Grade 3 and use the “Class Profile” and “COE Lesson Plan Template” to create a lesson that promotes a positive classroom community. Consider what rules and routines you plan to have in your future classroom, especially those that promote a climate of positive interaction, engagement, and motivation.Your lesson plan should include:    •    An introduction or reminder of the classroom rules.    •    Developmentally appropriate, engaging, and motivational instruction to teach students established rules and behavior expectations.    •    At least one technological tool used to engage students in exploring real-world situations, and improve student learning for the diverse learning needs of students described in the “Class Profile.”APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.