Disability Research Paper Value 50 points Due on November 20th by Midnight

Disability Research Paper

Value 50 points

Due on November 20th by Midnight

A written research, learn, relate, and respond paper that connects personally to on student (or adult) you are working with in your practicum or disability you have chosen. The paper is to be 4-6 pages in length plus a separate title and reference page (double spaced, left justification, normal margins, Times New Roman, and 12 inch font).

Title Page: Your name, the name of the disorder, disability, or impairment you are researching, a pseudonym for the student or adult you will reference, the title of this class and the date.

Introduction: Definition, prevalence, cause, and history of the disorder, disability, or impairment you are researching. (app. 2/3 of a page).

Write the body of the paper using the following subtitles: (3-4 pages)

Characteristics: typical characterisitics as described in your research (1-2 paragraphs) and then follow with connections to student (next paragraph).

Strengths nd Limitations: typical strengths and limitations should be discussed per your research.

Subdivide this section into three subsections of:




Based upon your teaching and interactions with the child or adult, your skill assessments and conversations with the teacher, follow by repeating the three subsections and describing the limitations and strengths of your student.




Teaching./coaching strategies and suggestions that are directly related to strengths and limitation in all three areas above. Follow with discussion on successful strategies you ave discovered thus far working with your student in relation to all three areas. You may consult with the teacher for help in the cognitive and social domains.

Summary: Brief summary of main points. Include practical thoughts of how this information would help you, as a physical education teacher or coach, to continue to work with this child and others with the same or similar strengths and limitations (app. 1/3 of a page).

References: a minimum of 4 in addition to the textbook and professionals must be used (place on a page by itself).