Discussion 600 words

https://youtu.be/krfcq5pF8u8 Watch the documentary 13th and answer the following
ubmit a critical thinking statement, here inn Canvas, minimum 600 words, double-spaced, font size about 12.
Attachments are not accepted.
Zero points will be entered if you choose to include an attachment.
Answer all three questions, in order to earn full credit.
That is an average of about 200 words, minimum, for each of the three questions.
It looks like a lot, but if you read the questions before you click ‘play’ on the documentary, they answer themselves as you watch critically, while considering your own life.
Remember, refer to all 8 CT guidelines listed below, throughout, as well as, how the documentary 13th, applies to your own life, in a personal way. Racism affects everyone, right? (Examine the evidence)
If you live in the USA, you’ll have some personal experiences, or thoughts, that you can relate to in this documentary.
Except for question #2.
Question #2 is checking for your knowledge of the brain parts and their functions. Refer to your textbook for essential key terms.
Question #3 is checking what you learned from the documentary, as well as, applying your 8 CT skills, while relating the documentary to your life, on a personal level.
1. Evaluate the documentary 13th.
It is being offered free, on Netflix, now during the pandemic. (Thank you Netflix!)
Refer to the primary speakers, who speak throughout the documentary, by their name.
Consider the main points each speaker is making ‘critically’.
In order to earn full credit, include all 8 critical thinking guidelines below throughout your answers
*What were the speakers strengths