Discussion board Stock-Trak Review

The forum this week will focus on our second and final discussion relating to Stock Trak. Recall at the start of the course you selected securities to monitor. Now with the completion of specific content related to company evaluation and valuation, it’s time to assess how you might have changed your selection process.
Find your portfolios performance history from early on (week 1-2 through now) and reflect on how it has changed over time.
Find the industry or index benchmarks that are also available on stock track and compare them to your performance with a reflection.
Tell your classmates specifically what you have learned regarding company evaluation and stock valuation and how this knowledge can be used by you as a future investor, manager, and or owner of a business enterprise. For example, what decisions made by management impact the financial statements used by analysts who gauge profitability, risk, asset utilization, liquidity, and solvency and convert these calculations into intrinsic values?
Post your responses to two peers(100 words per reply)