Discussion: Lab Project Summary and Reflection

Thread Prompt: The final DB forum is the final phase of the 355 Lab Project, which gives you a chance to reflect on the lab results you obtained and share your thoughts with the class. You have collected the data, run the tests, and presented the results—now you can sit back and think about what it means. In your original thread, please respond to the following prompts: Was there any sort of relationship between church attendance and self-reported levels of happiness based on your data set? Do these results match your initial prediction from the first Discussion, or are they different?

How generalizable do you think your results are? In other words, would you be justified in assuming that your results apply to the general population, or are there characteristics of your sample and study methods that limit generalizability? If so, what are they?

Do your results reflect the outcomes reported in the Lab Project Article related to levels of happiness or do they demonstrate something different?

Write about at least one implication these results could have for clinical practitioners such as psychologists, counselors, therapists, and social workers.