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Discussion overview

I desire to expand on my discussion on the paper of the wondrous life of Oscar, as it was one of the articles that I developed a connection with through examining and assessing the role of manliness and gender in a dominated society. In brief, the wondrous life of Wao establishes there is a significant viewpoint of dominating over women and restrictive female prowess. The dominance happens through verbal or aggression, showing charisma and strength, which is essential for defense against the tribe, which Wao does not possess (Sharma). I want to expand in detail the perception of the community regarding feminine and masculinity where men are demonstrated to power that they dominate over the whole society. Through highlighting the existence and the nature of the culture, the paper aims to give a discussion outline of the book wondrous life of Oscar, which depicts a male-dominated society with women dominating men.

My discussion overview gives a brief description of the life of wondrous Oscar and expounds on the lifestyle of a man of Dominican heritage due to his unique swagger. Also, it extends to describe male masculinity and its impact on other genders Dominica (Amundsen, 2020). However, the swaggering lifestyle of Oscar is portrayed in Dominica. However, male domination over females has been a common scenario globally, making it a central issue of discussion.

My perception of male dominance over their counterparts is deduced from the issue of lifestyle and swaggering. The phenomena are also based on a masculinity complex that is grounded on empathy and gender. Male dominance over female dominance is hugely socially constructed and influenced by other factors such as cultural and biological disparities between males and females.

My sources are the inclusion of sources that are peer-reviewed and journals on male dominance. I used sympathy, male dominance, and factors that influence the culture to perceive the male gender as more masculine than female. However, I wish to expand my research and find more compelling reasons for male dominance over women. I am also obliged to demonstrate that every person has equal capabilities.


Sharma, U. Authenticating Transgression of Tradition: A Critical Analysis of Gender Dynamics in Junot Díaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

Amundsen, R. (2020). ‘A male dominance kind of vibe’: Approaching unsolicited dick pics as sexism. New Media & Society, 23(6), 1465-1480. doi: 10.1177/1461444820907025