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Sara’s post:United States sexual beliefs compared to other countries I believe the sexual beliefs and behaviors of those in the United States are greatly different than those in other countries. We still have some controversy over women’s rights to birth control and abortion here, but we are freer to act, feel, and behave the way that we choose without much consequence, at least from our governments. Other countries, i.e. China and Indonesia, base their sexual behavior greatly on their religion and have a set of rules in tact for how to behave sexually. In the United States we are a melting pot of race and religion, therefore people do not have one unified opinion or way of behaving sexually. On the other hand, countries like the Netherlands, Spain, and France seem to be even more permissive when it comes to sexual behavior. They seem to have more comprehensive sex education, legal prostitution, and nude public places (Alternet.org, 2017). I believe in the U.S. people are influenced by their socioeconomic status, age, and liberal or conservative attitudes (Crooks, R. L.