Discussion: The Female Gothic

Now we’ll look at stories driven by their setting or “message” stories driven by theme. Further, the Poe stories were a genre called gothic–spooky stories about the hidden and forbidden, ghosts, monsters, guilt, trauma and all that people have buried within themselves. This week we’re looking at early feminist stories and seeing how the female gothic is different. This time, they’re not trapped in dungeons or castles but in an ordinary suburban or upper-class life. Their enemies aren’t murderers but well-meaning husbands and doctors who keep them in their place. Still, the imagery of being trapped, isolated, mad, and traumatized continues, even in such modern interpretations. https://youtu.be/Z1cVPemuk1Mhttps://youtu.be/rYQOql_Gm88These stories of the women persecuted in the home are protest stories that feel very different from sharing girls’ culture last week or Poe’s spooky horror stories about the darkness within. Of the three sets of stories, which did you enjoy most? Why? Any thoughts on what aspects speak to you? Are there novels you can think of that remind you of any of these?The link of “The Story of An Hour”Kate Chopin (1894): https://archive.vcu.edu/english/engweb/webtexts/hour/The link of Girl:https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1978/06/26/girlThe link of Poe;https://poemuseum.org/the-tell-tale-heart/