Discussion two 250 words

Discussion two
the act of bullying has been at the center of many media stories. Stories in which, after being bullied for years, students enter a school and shoot their peers and teachers. Stories in which, after social media taunts and text messages, adolescents die by suicide to escape the hurt and shame. While mental health and other factors are certainly involved as well, these examples show the possible ramifications of bullying. Bullying can have a significant impact on an adolescent’s self-esteem, mental health, and identity. So how can a social worker intervene to help adolescents work through their experiences of bullying?
you take on the perspective of a social worker assisting one such adolescent
Consider the theoretical approaches, skills, and messages you would employ in working with Amy.
After watching the video, explain how bullying may affect Amy’s biological, psychological, and social development.
Describe a theoretical approach and two practice skills that you would employ in working with A