Discussion week 1 Materials green

ELLs Belong to All of Us: The Role of ESOL Specialists in Collaboration – This video showcases a 5th-grade team planning a science lesson about the difference between vascular and non-vascular plants. ESOL specialist Katy Padilla plays a key role in advocating for ELLs throughout the lesson planning process and sharing her strategies for engaging and supporting students.
https://youtu.be/R422RPysEBI (Links to an external site.)
ESL Plan 101: How to Make an ESL Lesson Plan for ESL Learners – ESL Lesson Plan 101: How to Make an ESL Lesson Plan for ESL Learners: In this video I will be demonstrating the process of lesson planning for English teachers with an ESL lesson plan template. How to write an ESL lesson plan for English language learners has all of the same components as a traditional lesson plan template. In this part 1 with this ESL lesson plan, I clearly outline how to write an ESL language objective that corresponds with a content objective. How to write a lesson plan for elementary, middle, and high schools will also take on a similar ESL planning approach. It is my sincere hope that in this how to write a lesson plan youtube video, you feel more confident about how to write a lesson plan objective for your English language learners.
https://youtu.be/XFut2TnJTQ0 (Links to an external site.)
Think about the ELL support staff at your school. Discuss the types of support they offer you with your lesson planning process.