discussion/ writing

discussion first
In order to be productive in group discussion this weekend, the teams need to have selected their topical focus prior to attending class. In this forum, each individual should post the proposed policy focus for the team project. Review the assignment materials prior to coming to a decision.
By Sunday, each group member should post a summary (250 words) of the proposed team project. Justify the problem and why it is policy relevant. For your two follow-up posts, comment on the proposal of another member from your team (what problem statements are aligned among the team, which topic summaries envision different scopes for the target audience or population, which have prejudged the potential solutions, formulations, and/or implementation options and how each of these liabilities can be overcome. Be sure to add in relevant readings from the course, in addition to your own policy research.
Conceptual briefer
(Next assignment)Assignment Overview
For the policy selected, clearly define the issue and provide appropriate policy context, such as relevant history, legislative or jurisdictional context. As a starting point, think of this initial group conceptual briefing as defining the issue at hand and “where we are at” with the particular policy. The quality of the briefing will be substantially improved if all team members have done the readings in advance and considered which ones apply to the case at hand prior to developing the briefing.
The briefing should be ten minutes in length and will be offered in the format of a presentation. The goal is to demonstrate your ability to apply theoretical concepts related to policy formulation and implementation in a manner that elucidates and helps come to judgment on your topic from a specific organizational standpoint. Each student should produce a couple of slides that identify concepts from the readings that you find important to understanding of the issue. In addition, students should have done some initial research on the issue in preparing the issue identification memo, this can be incorporated into the conceptual briefing.
Given that we are at the policy development stage, the presentation should identify the “problem” related to the policy from an organizational context, as well as the current status of policy related to the problem. It should identify whether a formulation or implementation lens is most important for the proposed study.
Approach and Format
The conceptual briefer should make use of visual elements with narrative text to support theories and application to the issue, in the form of a Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi presentation software. The visual aids (and data visualizations) need not be fancy, but they must be analytic, well-structured and legible (e.g. no photos). Make written notes as appropriate on the slide notes or narrate the presentation and keep in mind that this is a substantive analytical assignment. You will upload the presentation to TurnItIn for credit. Grading will be generally assigned to the team but faculty reserves the right to assign individual grades for lack of participation, lack of intellectual contributions or especially outstanding individual application of theory to practice as exemplified for the issue. Please respect University academic integrity rules, and cite all sources using footnotes in preparing the document.


Jun 14th, 2022