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Read an article published within the previous year related to one of the above.
Summarize the information in your own words. Follow the discussion board rubric on the course syllabus for minimum required length.
Describe a) what you learned from this information and b) how it relates to this unit’s topic. Be sure to identify which key term or phrase from this unit relates to your response. Include the article title, name(s) of author(s), the publication date, and, if available, the web link.*
* Note: Feel free to use the Online Library. Your instructor will notify you if the citation of your article is required to be in APA format. Follow the discussion board requirements on your course syllabus for complete details regarding posting and commenting to others. Do not repeat an article that another student previously cited.
When you engage in a team project, whether for work or school, you want to provide support for your teammates, acknowledge their contributions by pointing out strengths in their work, and offer original, thoughtful feedback that will benefit the entire team. The ability to collaborate effectively is a crucial professional skill, and this week’s discussion will help you to build those skills.
Revisit the paragraph you posted in Unit 7 and apply what you have learned about APA signal phrases and in-text citations to revise that paragraph to give appropriate credit to the source or sources you incorporated into that paragraph.
Post this revised and cited paragraph, as well as a 6th Edition APA formatted References page for all the sources you are using in your academic document.