Dissertation on video games

Hi, my dissertation is about video games.

USING SECONDARY RESEARCH AND TEXT BASEDMy Dissertation title is: THE IMPACT OF VIDEO GAMES ON SOCIETYMy Dissertation question right now is (However you can tweak to make more interesting or specific!) : HOW DO (or CAN) VIDEO GAMES THAT ARE FILLED WITH VIOLENCE AND PROPAGANDA HAVE AN INFLUENCE (or IMPACT) ON OUR YOUTH? or HOW DO VIDEO GAMES THAT ARE FILLED WITH VIOLENCE AND PROPAGANDA HAVE A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON OUR YOUTH?​​​I would like to talk about how video games that are filled with violence and propaganda have an influence on our youth, how can they influence the user, also whether it’s the responsibility of the consumer or the industry’s responsibility to be more aware/responsible on the themes and design of their games and whether if video games can be more progressive and have a good impact on our modern-day society.For propaganda, I would like to talk about stuff such as the Call of duty mission called “Highway of Death” and many more different case studies you can find. Stuart Halls reception theory. Also talking about the columbine high school massacre for the violence section and how the shooters were obsessed with the video game doom etc. If you wish to tweak the question to something related to violence and propaganda video games and the influence or behaviour changes due to the games OR even if you wish to come up with your own question about video games,

Either way PLEASE can you confirm the title with me before proceeding so I can confirm please.

I would love to hear what dissertation questions about video games you would like to write about or if you can think of any more interesting video game dissertation questions then let me know and we can discuss.I’ve attached different files to help with the dissertation. Please get in touch so we can discuss question ideas you have/want to write aboutthank you!r