Does Barbie make girls want to be thin? The effect of experimental exposure to images

Step One: Use the SAME article you used for Assignments 1 and 2.

Step Two: Read/Review the Results and Discussion section(s) of your article.

Most articles have more than one study/experiment conducted in them. Read/review EACH ONE.

Step Three: Answer the following questions for EACH study/experiment in your article.First, label each Study (1,2, 3…). For EACH one (label the question#).

What were the findings? Were the hypotheses confirmed? (80 pts)

NOTE: I do NOT need to know what types of statistics they did; I want to know what the statistics told them. If there are tables of data, summarize what the information in the table is showing. Do not describe the statistical tests, no statistical data; no tables from the articles. Summarize any data in words if it is important to understand the results.

What were the conclusions (the Discussion: what does it all mean)? (20 pts)

To answer these questions sufficiently, your responses will require a minimum total of 400 words (but probably will be longer). Provide plenty of detail!!!Step Four: Submit your paper to the Dropbox below (Asmt3).

Clearly label each question (1,2,3,4). (-5 points)

Give your submission a title with a few key words from your article’s topic (i.e., “Barbie,” “ Piercings,” “Bullying,” “Poaching,” “Touch,” “Video Games.”). YOU LOSE POINTS IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS! (-10 point)

You need to paraphrase (rewrite it in your own words) all of your answers. Any non-original work should be re-written in your own words. Significant copying is subject to point deductions.DEDUCTIONS FOR:

Submission Title without Key Words (-1 point)

Clearly label each question (1,2,3,4,5). (-5 points)

Reference for each source: (-5)

APA format/errors: (-5)

Spelling and grammar check (If it is so confusing, it is hard to understand) (btw -5 to -1)

Minimum word requirement (btw -10 to -20)