Ecolypsychology – Our Separation from the Natural World: An Editorial

You will take a philosophical, psychological stand on your feelings regarding the ecological crisis and on what needs to be done to change it. We expect that your paper will be convincing and ask the reader to consider central issues. The Editorial is 4 pages in length. Sources are to be cited and quoted using APA 7th style.
Ecopsychology was born out of our alienation from the natural world and our need to reconnect. Critically consider the views of the authors you have read during the past 3 weeks. The readings are all attached. One attachment has all links. please refer to most.
Combine that critique with your personal options, reflections, and thoughts to develop a well-reasoned philosophic editorial based on the following questions:
What are the
primary reasons that we have become disconnected from the Earth and the
natural world? What are the ecological and human implications for this
disconnection? How does who we are as a culture and who we are as
individuals relate to how our Earth is? How might we reconnect to our
Earth? How might we heal ourselves and heal the Earth?
Write 4 page editorial using APA style on the
questions stated above. In a typical editorial, there are no scholarly
references. We ask, however, that you reference readings that you cite and quote
in APA 7th style. Be sure to also include original insights and discussions
regarding the topic at hand.
Please see attached rubric. Do not hesitate to ask questions if needed.

Characteristics of an Editorial:
An editorial is an article that comments on an important current event or issue, expressing the opinions of the writer. Editorials include the following:
-There is an attention-getter at the beginning that grabs the reader’s interest and makes him or her want to read the article.—
-The opinion of the writer is clearly stated.
-The writer provides adequate background information for the issue at hand.
-The writer provides specific details that support the opinion.

-The writer has a good knowledge about the subject, and the information he or she is giving is correct.