Effects of medication assisted treatment: MAT for opioid use disorder on functional outcomes: a systematic review

Please follow these instructions including using the articleCritique Essay 1000 Word Minimum (1100-1300 recommended)MLA Format Including A complete and correct MLA Works Cited page One important skill needed for effective research is being able to distinguish between relevant and quality sources, and those that will not work within your research. With that in mind, this assignment will provide you with practice assessing the quality and relevance of a source, and justifying that assessment. This essay should offer a critique of a single source you plan on considering for your Research Project. It should demonstrate a clear argument about the quality of the source and the source’s appropriateness for your multisource essay. The Essay should have the following:Clear Intro that

explains why such a critique is useful,

Has a clear thesis, which offers

A) an argument, B) a counterargument and C) at least three clear supporting points for the main argumentSummary paragraph that describes the article

Body section with:

At least three paragraphs that deal, individually, with the three supporting points

a counterargument paragraph

Refutation/Conclusion paragraphs) that:

Recap the thesis

looks forward with the information and how it can be useful in the future.

The Essay will be graded on completion of the previously-listed elements, as well as correct MUGs and MLA. I’ve had a few people reach out to ask about clarification on the critique essay. Think of your critique like a movie review, where you are talking about whether or not the movie is worth seeing. Instead of a movie though, you are reviewing an article. You are going to talk about what it does well, what it could do better, and why it would be a good source to use for a research project. (so is it well written, does it have detailed support of claims, does it use its own set of outside sources as support, is it current, and does it avoid bias?).