english 5.4

In this short assignment, you will move forward with the process of writing your research paper by making a research goal statement and sharing some of your sources. You will want to consider the feedback you received on your topic in this module’s discussion as you complete this assignment.   InstructionsThis assignment has two parts. Please respond to each part and label each part for your instructor.   Part 1:  Share a research goal statement by filling in the blanks for the following sentence:  I want to write about _______________ in order to learn _________________ and to help my audience understand _______________.  Part 2:  Using OneSearch (Links to an external site.) in the Excelsior College Library (you will need to be logged into the library), locate two scholarly articles on your topic. Then, for each of the two sources provide a full Reference following APA guidelines (Links to an external site.) and then three to four sentences about each source explaining why this source will be helpful to you in your research paper.  Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors