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Prepare to discuss the following prompts:In your own words, summarize the impact and prevalence of this environmental concern on the health of the population.Define the interventions which are currently in place to address this issue, and additional interventions which may be needed to protect the public from this environmental concern.What agencies or organizations are in place to address this concern, or monitor compliance with safety standards and preventive measures?Identify local, national, and global strategies to protect the public from this environmental health threatResearch and select at least two current scholarly sources to support your explanations and insights. OCLS resources are preferred sources and can be accessed through IWU Resources. Wikipedia is not permitted, as it is not a peer-reviewed, scholarly source.As time allows, review the following optional resources:Visit the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences website.Download the Healthy People 2020 Framework pdf on this website.Review Development of the National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives for 2030.Whether written or spoken, interactions are expected to:clearly and thoroughly address the prompt with meaningful information that shows critical thinking.introduce your own ideas and questions to add greater depth to the discussion, rather than restating what your classmates have shared. (Include much more than “Great post,” or “I agree.”)refer to relevant course concepts as you discuss your learning together.develop insightful conversation by directly addressing your classmates’ ideas.demonstrate professionalism.