Environmental Science Essay Since I began teaching this class, I have noticed

Environmental Science Essay

Since I began teaching this class, I have noticed that students often have a “favorite” environmental-science related issue. Now is your chance to further explore a topic of your choice. For this assignment, you will write an essay about a topic of your choice, addressing the items below. Gather information from various sources: books, magazines, the internet, interviews with people involved with the issue, etc. You are required to use at least 3 sources (make sure to cite them).

Your paper must be typed with standard margins, size 11 font, double-spaced, with proper spelling and grammar. You are required to follow the format below:



Make the essay interesting, may begin with a quote or other attention grabber

Move from general to specific in regards to the topic

Provides a “road map” of the essay in a logical order

Include a thesis statement. Your thesis statement must be bold font!

The thesis statement states the purpose of the paper


Include evidence and support and your ideas

Paragraphs must include a topic sentence which relates the discussion back to the thesis


The following should be addressed in order, each with a bold heading, and each should be at least a solid paragraph – or longer, if needed, to cover all of the required content


Why are you interested in this topic? Why did you decide to write about it?

The Big Picture

Why is this topic important within environmental science? How does it fit within the big picture?

How does this topic relate to other areas of environmental science?


What is the history of your issue/topic?

When did this become a problem?

What factors contributed to the problem?


What has been done to address this issue in the past? Was it effective?

What is being done currently? Is it effective?

What do you believe should be done in the future about this issue?


What do you think would motivate others to be concerned about this issue and willing to do something about it?


Does the government provide oversight/regulation regarding this issue?

Do you believe that the government should or should not be involved with this issue?

Ensure that transition sentences are present to create a positive flow to the essay

Make sure each example is relevant to your topic


Restate the main arguments in a simplified manner

Wrap up all of your arguments and points

The rubric below will be used to grade your paper:



Points Possible


Paper is free from grammatical/spelling errors



Bold headings with discussion in paragraph format

Paper follows required format above

Normal margins

Size 11 font

Double spaced

Minimum of three sources

Sources were cited



Ideas are articulated clearly with sufficient detail

Paper thoroughly addresses all categories and questions above

Topic-related vocabulary is used properly

Information presented is relevant, current and accurate


Portions of this assignment have been modeled after the University of Evansville “Parts of the Essay” document.