ESL 52 Assignment: One-Page Research Report with Works Cited Before you begin

ESL 52

Assignment: One-Page Research Report with Works Cited

Before you begin writing this assignment, you must propose your topic to me and have it approved. This is to make sure there are no duplicate topics, and to make sure the topic is sufficiently related to October Sky AND narrow enough for a one-page report.

This is a one-page assignment, typed and using MLA style. Please look at the SAMPLE ASSIGNMENT that I showed in class and have posted on Canvas in Module 11 and in the Research Module. DUE by Monday, August 9, before class time.

Research your topic. You may use one or two credible sources, no more. Please avoid Wikipedia, blogs, and any site where you can’t clearly identify basic information such as the title/author/publisher/date. 

Write one paragraph about your topic.

Start by explaining how the topic connects to October Sky, then report what you have learned about the topic. You do not need to analyze or interpret on this assignment; it is a basic research report that may contain facts, definitions, descriptions, and/or examples from sources.

Format: Double space and use Times New Roman 12 pt font; the length should not be more than one page. This should be mostly paraphrased—written in your own words!—but you can use one quote (1-2 sentences), no more than 1/3 of the total length of your paragraph. Please make sure that quoted material IS IN QUOTE MARKS. Remember too that every piece of information from a source must be clearly cited; it doesn’t make a difference whether it’s a quote or a paraphrase. Again, look at the sample for suggestions on how to vary your citation techniques to keep it clear but not overwhelming. URLs (web addresses) should never be used as in-text citations. 

You should use one picture/photograph at the top to illustrate, no more than 2 inches per side. 

Add a Works Cited page.

On a separate page, create a Works Cited list with your source(s) in correct MLA 8 format. There is a document explaining how to do this on Canvas, or you can use a web “helper” like Citation Machine to simplify the formatting. 

Look on Canvas for: Sample research paragraph with sample Works Cited page; document explaining how to do Works Cited entries in MLA 8; web link to the Citation Machine page.

Criteria: 10 points each for Presentation (includes following directions!), Organization/Documentation, Content, Language, Works Cited.

Total: 50 points.