essay about yourself. “My own identity”

The overall purpose of this essay is to communicate who you are to your audience; in other words, your identity. Any detail that helps you do that, is appropriate.
Pretend your audience knows absolutely nothing about you, other than the fact that you are a student in this class. By the end of the essay, your audience should have a basic idea of who you are, not just in terms of objective information (e.g. demographics) but also in terms of subjective analysis (e.g. personality).
Some major components of identity are listed below (in no particular order). You are free to add to these, as long as they are relevant. You also don’t have to necessarily cover every single item listed (though you can, if you wish).
Background (details about immediate family and birthplace)
Physical appearance
Current situation/status
Life plans/goals
Significant relationships
Personality traits
Religious beliefs
Role models
Traditions/practices observed
Something you wish you could change about yourself
Biggest regret or mistake