ESSAY HANDOUT Topic approval due date: by 8 Oct. 2021 Essay due


Topic approval due date: by 8 Oct. 2021 Essay due date: 26 Nov. 2021
The Essay Proposal is worth 5% of the grade The Essay is worth 25% of the grade
The penalty for late work is 5% per day

SECTION 1 – Instructions

The Essay

Once the topic has been registered and approved, students will write a 1500 words essay (Word processed, double-spaced, 12-point font Times New Roman text). The 1500 words is for the body of the text only and does not include the other sections of the essay such as the cover page, or the endnotes, picture captions and bibliography, which should follow the body of the text. The essay should begin with a brief historical introduction to the work of art/architecture, a description of the work, a persuasive and argumentative interpretation of the work of art/architecture, and a conclusion followed by a personal appreciation of the work of art/architecture.

3. The Structure of the Text (format)
An Essay Template to help students to format their essay will be posted on Nexus

The essay, which must be submitted no later than 26 November 2021, should include (the number of pages indicated here is just for reference as the text should be 1500 words):

1)  a cover page clearly identified with the student’s name and ID number and which should include a title and submission date

2)  (max. 1 page) a brief historical introduction to the work of art or architecture

3)  (1 1⁄2 page) a description of the formal aspects of the main work of art or architecture

4)  (2 1⁄2 pages) an interpretation (analysis) of the work of art/architecture with consideration of the

artistic, historical and/or social context of the work. The interpretation should be argumentative, and it could focus on the symbolic meaning, the function of the artwork or monument, the iconography (subject represented), or other aspects which can be interpreted. In this section of the essay, students should go beyond the simple description of the formal aspects of the work of art or architecture

5)  (1 page) short conclusion and appreciation of the work of art/architecture

6)  endnotes (NO footnotes) in Chicago Style (students should refer to the samples accompanying the

Library Research handout)

7)  illustrations identified by picture numbers and captions (minimum two (2) illustrations)

8) a bibliography which should list a minimum of four (4) sources – The textbook doesn’t count. Only academic publications/sources will be accepted.

Endnotes must be added when referring to a source, citing an author. Quotations should be short, and limited to a maximum of 2 per essay, and when quoting an author, students should use proper quotation marks and cite the source with an endnote. References to articles, books or videos, and illustrations should not be inserted in the body of the text. Marks will be docked if they are. If students do not know how to format their endnotes, they should refer to the examples provided in the Library Research handout, and those who do not know how to insert citations should contact their instructor.

4. Essay evaluation criteria

The evaluation of the essay will be based on:

1)  The clarity and organization: clear presentation of the ideas and logical structure of the essay 5%

2)  The content: completeness of the student’s ideas, and solidity of the interpretation/argumentation


3)  Originality: Students must give signs of originality and comprehension of the concepts developed

in the sources they’ve used to document the essay. Students should also give evidence of their ability to interpret a work of art critically (to have their own opinion on a subject). A series of excerpts from varied sources (books, articles and web) will not be accepted 5%

4)  The appropriate essay format and the quality of written expression / English 5%

5. Important messages

Students are strongly encouraged to have their essay proofread before they submit it to the instructor. Students should not hesitate to contact the instructor or the Librarian, Michael Dudley, if they have difficulties with the research process or accessing their sources. Extensions are not granted except on the case of illness which must be proved with an official doctor’s note, and the extension should be approved by the instructor prior to the due date (before 26 November 2021).

Avoiding Academic Misconduct. Please familiarize yourself with the University’s Regulations & Policies section of the Course Calendar, including Senate appeals and academic misconduct (e.g. plagiarism, cheating):

Particular attention should be given to subsections 8 (Student Discipline), 9 (Senate Appeals), and 10 (Grade Appeals). Please note, in particular, the subsection of Student Discipline pertaining to plagiarism and other forms of cheating.

Detailed information can be found at the following:

–  Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedures:


–  The procedures for dealing with alleged academic misconduct are:

Please watch the University of Winnipeg library video tutorial “Avoiding Plagiarism” to learn how to avoid plagiarism!

Misuse of Filesharing Sites. Uploading essays and other assignments to essay vendor or trader sites (filesharing sites that are known providers of essays for use by others who submit them to instructors as their own work) involves “aiding and abetting” plagiarism. Students who do this can be charged with Academic Misconduct.