Ethical relativism and Ethical objectivism

Close all your books, put them away, and write your essay. Do not quote from sources in your essay. I can tell if you are rewriting a passage, lifting a passage, using something from another source. I want your words, not the words of somebody else. The more you write on your own, without sources, the quicker you will find your own voice and think more critically about the material you study. I would rather get a paper where you are working it out, struggling, than a smooth paper with canned quotes.A level work demonstrates real achievement in grasping what philosophical reasoning and argumentative writing is, along with the clear development of a range of specific philosophical reasoning and argumentative writing skills or abilities. The work at the end of the course is, on the whole, clear, precise, and well-reasoned, though with occasional lapses into weak reasoning. In A-level work, philosophy terms and distinctions are used effectively. The work demonstrates a mind beginning to take charge of its own ideas, assumptions, inferences, and intellectual processes. The A-level student often analyzes issues clearly and precisely, often formulates information clearly, usually distinguishes the relevant from the irrelevant, often recognizes key questionable assumptions, usually clarifies key concepts effectively, typically uses language in keeping with educated usage, frequently identifies relevant competing points of view, and shows a general tendency to reason carefully from clearly stated premises, as well as noticeable sensitivity to important implications and consequences. A-level work displays excellent reasoning, problem – solving, and argumentative writing skills. The A student’s work is consistently at a high level of excellence.