Evaluate a peer reviewed article and a popular press article about the effects of technology on children.

These quotes cannot be longer than 1 sentence.
Use your own words – paraphrase the authors’ ideas carefully.

Make sure your main argument is clearly identified. Give concrete examples.Summarize the peer-reviewed article.
Identify the research hypothesis, the subject variable(s), the design of the study, and the outcome.
Explain whether and how the outcome of the study supports the research hypothesis.

Summarize the popular press article.The popular press article may or may not use causal language. Note any statements, phrases, or conclusions that imply causality.

Evaluate whether the press article provided an accurate report of the original research.Did the author use any language that implied a causal relationship between the variables that were studied?
Describe why causal conclusions cannot be made from correlational studies.
Suggest and explain a possible third variable that might account for the finding that videogame playing is associated with creativity.