Evaluate how Belmont principles are balanced in international trials.

In addition there is the principle of justice and
beneficence. Evaluate how these principles
are balanced in international trials for a) a new influenza vaccine or malaria
vaccine OR b) diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer (all cervical cancer is
caused by human papilloma virus, HPV).

This essay should demonstrate knowledge of the domain of
clinical research: phase 1-3 trials, FDA approval, and the ethical norms of
using human subjects in research, defined in the Common Rule. In addition, the standard of care for
diagnosis and treatment may vary by place, dependent on resources available.
Epidemics and emerging viruses create special circumstances because they are
rarely contained in one geographical site, given the mobility of people in
today’s world. Document your sources
carefully and be sure to cite sources within the text of the essay. Proof your
work and use spell check and grammar check to help with presentation.
The papers should have at least 7 citations from different sources, and it has arguments of two views for each important point.
The professor needs the depth and comprehensive information. The essay should has the language that grab the attention of the reader.